Surrey Walkies is a local and trusted dog walking and doggy day care business, offering friendly, reliable and flexible pet care in Epsom, Epsom Downs and the nearby places in Surrey. There are many reasons that people choose to use a dog walker, including holidays, work commitments, illness, injury, or simply the fact they lead a busy lifestyle and struggle to find the time for daily walks.

When our professional dog walkers look after your dog or puppy, we offer the best possible care as well as lots of play and stimulation, so they return home happy and contented. We are Dave and Joe and as devoted dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is that you trust us to give your dog the care that they deserve. We will offer them the same one-to-one care that we give our own dogs.

We are fully insured and are members of the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.

All our dog and puppy walking services are designed to meet the needs of your lifestyle and your dog, and we can tailor them around your needs. Whether your older dog needs solo dog walks at the weekend from time to time, you need a regular weekday dog walker for an energetic dog when you are in the office, or you are welcoming a new puppy into your home but you are concerned you will not be around enough, we can help.

To talk to our dog sitters, Dave and Joe, call 07449 005 500.

Our dog walkers near Epsom Downs (KT17): How do we get started?

First, we will come and meet you at your home or another convenient location, where we can talk about your pet and requirements. We also welcome questions about our services and how we work.

If we plan to walk your dog in a group, they are carefully assessed, so they are matched with similar dogs, so it is enjoyable and fun for all. We include dog collection in our service and the hour does not start until the walk does! We use a fully customised and air-conditioned van for travelling.

Epsom puppy visits and puppy walking

Don’t let your busy lifestyle interfere with your puppy’s well-being. Puppies need much more attention, playtime and toilet stops than older animals. If you have a new puppy and would like someone to visit, use our puppy visiting and walking service. We can follow your instructions and can work on any behaviour training plan you have in place. We can give your dog fresh water and food, if required, and take them out for a toilet break.

Once your puppy is older and vaccinated we can start to take them for a slightly longer walks to build up to be able to handle our small group walks. We will give your puppy all the attention they deserve and need.

We collect from:- Stoneleigh, Hook, Chessington & Ashtead

The benefits of our doggy day care service in Epsom

If you are away from home for the whole day, our dog creche can provide the answers. Many dogs lack stimulation and have insufficient outlets for their energy. Our doggy day care provides playtime and at least two long walks where they will get the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs. It will also provide them with lots of human contact and interaction, so they never get bored or stressed. See our FAQs for more details.

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Group Dog Walks

Our dog walks are a great way for your dog to socialise and burn off some energy.

Our group dog walking service is for no more than four dogs at one time and we can walk your dog on or off the lead. Dogs love the company of other dogs and our walks last for at least an hour, not including the travel to and from the local park.

Puppy visits and puppy socialisation

Do you have a young puppy at home who is craving fun and company? Our puppy visits are ideal for youngsters until they are old enough to come with us on dog walks. We focus on basic training, socialisation and giving your four-legged friend the attention and love they deserve, so they are confident and well-adjusted.

Individual walks

If you think your dog will benefit from solo dog walks, we can give them one-to-one attention. Your dog may be nervous or slower than others, and we can work on building up their confidence if they need it.

Doggy day care

If you would like your dog to spend the whole day with company, our dog collection, dog creche and dog boarding service means we will pick them up from you home and look after them for the day, going on at least two hour-long walks.

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  • “Dave and Joe completely understand the needs of our dog Pippa – taking her on group dog walks around Richmond Park. Prompt, reliable and they always dry her off if it’s been raining. We can’t thank them enough for helping us and we know Pippa loves it too”

  • “Just wanted to say thank you to you guys for providing home visits to Bruno while I’ve been working longer hours. It’s been a weight off my mind to know he’s had some care and attention, not to mention fresh food and water before I get home! I’ll be using your services again and have recommended to my friend too.”

  • “Used Surrey Walkies to help socialise our new puppy. We were worried about leaving him alone all day, but these guys made sure they popped in and it really helped him get to know new people. Thank you so much for all of your help.”

  • “My dog absolutely loves her walks with Dave and Joe – and it’s been a great way for her to mix with other dogs too. They put me at ease from their first visit to get to know us and have made such a difference to our lives. Would highly recommend.”

  • “Excellent service provided by Surrey Walkies– I’m always impressed by their reliability & they know how to handle my dog perfectly. She’s quite old, so it’s good to know she’s in such safe hands. Thanks again!”


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